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how goes it?


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what's up. i'm new to this. very new.

i really just was always interested in this sort of thing, never got around to exploring further though, so here i am. 


hope to learn more in the future, maybe even get somewhere with this someday.


saw some others listing their tastes/stuff. unfortunately not creative enough to make my own format so i'll just use someone else's.


from virginia if anyone's curious. if you want to see my age it's on my profile.


What is your favorite color: teal.

What is your favorite movie(s): neverending story or princess bride... such a tough question.

What is your favorite food: cheeseburgers, steak, wings, all about that kind of stuff.

Do you like watching or playing sports?: If so, what kind: don't like sports, except for skateboarding.

Who is your favorite musical artist?: dead kennedys, at the moment. it changes a lot from time to time.

What's your favorite movie genre: horror.

Favorite hobby: playing the guitar. love my jetstream blue stratocaster. i also play in a band.

Do you collect anything: guitars.

Favorite TV show: walking dead.

What's your favorite thing to drink: yerba mate. good stuff.

Favorite thing to do to help you relax: playing the guitar will generally relax me.

Are you an indoor or an outdoor person: indoor if it's cold. i'll go outside if it's nice. i love to climb.

What's your favorite animal: dog.

Favorite ice cream flavor: cinnamon bun.


What is your best talent: playing the guitar.

Do you like your handwriting: it's shit.

Are you left handed or right handed: left.

Are you ticklish: very.


Who do you enjoy spending time with the most: my friends and family.


Favorite website: probably youtube. i watch jacksepticeye occasionally if anyone's familiar with him. 


Do you prefer baths or showers: showers. haven't taken a bath in ages.


Sweet treats or salty treats: sour. 


thanks for taking the time to read and greetings to the whole community.

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