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Shy, new little.


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Hiya, everybody. I've been lurking around for a short while and you all seem pretty awesome, so I figured I'd introduce myself and stick around. I'm new to the forum here but I'm not new to being a little.

Some random stuff about me:

  • I live in North Carolina but I'm originally from New England.
  • I have blue eyes but sometimes they're green-ish and sometimes they're gray-ish.
  • I have two (very spoiled) furbabies of the kittyninja variety.
  • I'm super-duper shy and I have social anxiety so meeting new people is hard.
  • My favorite thing to do in littlespace is watch Disney movies/cartoons and color, and make beaded jewelry.
  • I'm a huge nerd that loves to learn and I collect books.
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