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Does anyone know of it / watch it? wherever i ask nobody seems to of heard of it ^_^ it is a manga/anime based completely around candy!!!! http://i.imgur.com/yTkm1ZK.png

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Guest a1b2c3

Never watched it!

I'm going to try it latter.

I'm wondering how does that anime approach that topic.

I'm in love with salad.


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Guest a1b2c3

Getting Carried Away!

I love carrots.
*This post does contain Spoilers*
Writing about the episode I'm watching.
The music is amazing
At first, the episode seems to be about the graceful, beautiful things of life.
As well about the perfectionism of the character which is making he scrap his work.
And them familiar conflict
I like the funny ways conflicts are showed in anime. It makes they look funny and silly, and makes me wonder why do I worry with them so much, and making me feel capable of living with them and passing by without being sick of it easily.
Amazing body movements are showed on the screen.
It remembers me a lot with theater and dramatization stuff
Often look like the anime is talking about merchandising, or doing it.
Also talks about the relationship of people with products like candy, coffee, and how products relate with each other and with people as well. Example: The coffee and sugar and candy and people relationship.
LOL " the spicy flavour is not being produced in the food industry " *glitter* :wub:*glitter*
I think I have ever ate those.
And now is candy eating... tasting, comenting about it flavours, sensations, pleasures, components, and stuff.
And also there is a wind making noise object which have it's own side story showed in between scenes and maybe establishes a dialog with the other characters but I don't get it. For me is just an amazing thing which makes noises with the wind and represents the weather, something else I can't describe and good feelings related to it.
And the boy gets seduced to invest in the candy shop or thing like that. And seems that he does have friends to be with him. What an amazing adventure.
That episode also talks about people owning or working with shops and convenience facilities. And their pride and happiness about it, and how it relate to their lives. Also talks about the characters relationship with each other which seems to being built.
Also talks about those kinds of establishments harboring places where people can encounter, stay together, share their presence...

I think I already wrote much about the episode and want to watch the rest of it. So that's it.


Well, now I had watched the rest of the episode:
Surprise. - the candy showed in the anime were real, and there is advertising of them.
Well, the way the girl dramatizes the history makes it look heavy at the ending
oh... the characters do walk on bicycle! Edited by a1b2c3
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Wow that was really awesome :D great analysis of it, I had never thought about it that way but is so true!!! i love it, i just cant get enough of it!  i hope it never ends!!!!

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