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I am new to the forum and wanted to introduce myself and share things about being little that is impossible to talk to friends about.


I identify as little - I feel uncomfortable thinking about being an age as such, because I know I'm an adult - it's the 'permission' to be an age pre -responsibilies that I crave and to be in a space where I don't have these responsibilities and can feel completely nurtured and safe. Despite having a highly responsible job, I'm naturally quite playful and girlie with a very vivid imagination.


I've explored this with 2 men I have had a relationship with.

One was purely a bdsm relationship and he flitted in and out of being Daddy or master.


The second was with a boyfriend, we switched roles as he liked being little too. But I preferred him being Daddy. We are still friends but he didn't feel able to continue in a relationship. Dd/lg meets such a deep need that I have that when he didn't want to be with me - it broke my heart.


I've started seeing a chap who I've been friends with for about 5 years. He is my best friend and I'm so very lucky that we have finally got together. I love him and he says he loves me. He's very nurturing and has been thus throughout our friendship. He is a little older than me. When we are together I am 'me' and I know that I am a little more carefree and girlie, I feel like I am little, I've tried to talk about what I feel is my true identity, but not sure how to broach my desire for a Daddy.


We are only able to meet once a month as he works away, but we message throughout the day. The last time we met, I'd had a really awful few days and just cuddled up to him sucking my thumb and he rocked me back and forth saying soothing things and being just like 'Daddy', this seemed like second nature to him and he just accepted me.


I am wondering how to fully broach this with him, without him running away. I have mentioned bdsm stuff and that I identify with being little but not sure whether to fully explain it ALL to him.


Thankyou very much for listening.

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