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Little girl big world


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                            hi there im lexy! or bunny

                                         i've always hated being small/short always got made fun of in middle school sadly, and i just found out about ddlg and being a little

                                                     about 4 months ago, on tumblr. now i get to embrace being little (quite literally) and the community is amazing and im inlove,                                                       first thing that i really liked was that everyone is so accepting, it doesn't matter what your gender is, or ur sexuality, this is for everyone and anything.

                                                    tbh i fell inlove with the sexual side of ddlg just a little, but there is way more to it i have

                                                 found and im ready for it all, open to new experiences, and please ask me questions about anything! i luv questions, and talking

                                                to people in the ddlg community.



                                    ~things about me

                                    -extremely sassy/moody  

                                    -love the color pink, snuggling, fluffy things, BUNNIES

                                   -really want to get into pet play but don't know how to start or not enough about it!


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