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Cinnamon bun!


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Hi everyone my name is Ally. I'm 25 and from New Hampshire, USA. I am fairly new to DDlg and am trying to fully immerse myself in it. I identify as both a little and a middle, both sexual and nonsexual.


I am polyamorous. I am married to my Daddy, who is in a relationship with my Mommy, who is both married and in another separate relationship. Mommy, her husband and son, and Daddy and I live together in the same house.


We find it easier to name my little and middle sides as to avoid confusion between sexual and nonsexual conduct and age gaps.


My little side is regressive and for me completely nonsexual. I go by Cinnamon during this state. I am more often Cinnamon than anyone else. I identify as the ages of about 4-6. I am Cinnamon 98% of the time.


Violet is my middle age, I identify her as a Lolita type, 12-14. She is my sexual aspect.


I'm a little with mental illness, having bipolar disorder, psychosis, ptsd, anxiety, and paranoia. I am also a ,chubby little, making finding cute clothes hard *whine*.


So that's my long introduction! I hope to make some friends and learn a lot more about my little side!

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