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introducing layla


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hi all *group hug*


Just thought I would follow up on my Daddies introduction (HerDeSade).

I am new to bdsm, and even newer to DD/lg. and honistly if someone had told me I would be joining a DDlg forum 3 months ago I would have thought them insane.


I met my Sir around that time, and our relationship just sort of developed into this sort of dynamic without even realising it. I was calling Him Daddy before I even new that there was such a thing as a Daddy Dom, it just seemed.............right.


Appoligies in advance for my appalling spelling/grammar I am very dyslexic! I have recently discovered a passion for writing and my Sir and myself have written a novel together which we are going to e-publish, it's been the most amazing experiance and something I never would have dreamed I could do, which just goes to show what you can be capable of if someone believes in you so ardently that you start to believe in yourself.



I don't really identify as any sort of age or type of 'little' (yet) and part of joining the forum (my Daddy's idea, he has lots of good ideas) was for me to learn some more and make some freinds and just to explore this dynamic which we didn't so much choose as it choose us.




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Thank you both for Your very kind welcomes!


He is wonderful *grin*


The novel is the first in a trilogy following the adventures of a young doctor on her overseas experience called 'River'.


So the first in the series is 'Rivers Crossing'


She is one of life's true innocents and manages to get herself into some major trouble after getting lost in the Texas desert and ending up in the hands of a drug cartel over the border in Mexico. Without giving too much away, she ends up being rescued by the owner of a nearby ranch who is a very sexy older man with a bit of a dark history.............adventures ensue, it is a little bit naughty *giggle* although the second book is much naughtier!!


I have been really lucky to have had the patience, talent and experience of my Sir at my disposal. I have written scenes from the female protagonists points of view and He has written the lion share of it and from he make characters point of view, and his writing is just wonderful (can you tell I am a little bit proud......)


He has also published several children's books which are adorable.


I will stop gushing now!!!!!


Once again than you for the warm welcome I have been truly touched by how welcoming and kind everyone had been!




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MY baby girl is much to kind I fear.


But let me toss in my three cents worth.


layla is perhaps the most talented and gifted writing partner I have ever worked with.   While she has no experience in writing, she is a natural talent who is probably more creative and has a better sense of character development that I have.   I may be more technically adept, but she has far and away the better ability to identify and express the depth and identity of characters and situations.


Don't let her give you the wrong impression.   I can write, but she is the dynamic force behind what we create.   Without her, there would be no trilogy, no characters and certainly no book.


What else can I say?   We are still on a journey to really define and identify our relationaship.  I think she expressed it best when she told me that "Yes, there is a dynamic of BDSM, there are characteristics of the DDlg, but more than anything else our relationship is a HerDeSade/layla relationship.  It is defined by us, not by the labels that other want to put on us or by constraints or definitions set out by anyone but us.


That is the type of thinking that I so love about her.  While she has some submissive tendencies and some little girl qualities, what is most important is that she is my equal, both intellectually and personally.   Truth be known, she is probably smarter than I am, but don't let her know that!


We are on a journey and I don't know that we will ever figure out the destination.   The more important thing is that we are doing it together, we are respectful of one another, we are going on this journey holding hands and with excitement and expectation.   


If you haven't figured it out by now, I'll tell you that I think she is a very special lady.   I am proud of her, I love her and I without her I would be incomplete.



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