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Aesthetics Obsessed Kitten Says "Hi" ! :3


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Hi there !  :heart: 

I've been around for a while and mostly posted stuff in the creative corner, but I never got around finally writing a short introduction~ So here goes !

I'm a 19 years old kitten / bunny who got into DDLG only a few months ago ! I'm an INFP-T, an Individualistic and, occasionally, a piece of trash who won't leave her room despite having an entire flat to herself. I value kindness, universal love and harmony more than anything else ♥ I will, however, stand up for myself if needed ! I live with my adoooorable Daddy/Master, our pets and roommie !! My cat is basically my child. = v =

I go by the name "Pyonchi", which is also my artist's name. I usually go by "pyonchi-mew" on art sites, and I draw hentai / anthropomorphic pornography with petplay / DDLG accents for a living. ♥ I started drawing this kind of stuff for the money, but I've got to say, now I have trouble drawing anything other than that! > v < I also love drawing ponies and crafting petplay / DDLG collars !!

I'm into K-POP, crème brûlée, any Sanrio character, glitter, My Little Pony, the color pink, Pound Puppies, T-POP, cheese flavored sunchips, large plushies, lambs, bunnies, crème brûlée, management games, farming games, coloring, memes, drinking like twenty cups of tea in an hour, Nekopara, crème brûlée, drawing porn, green onions, Jungkook jesus christ, cute cellphone cases, cooking, anime, sewing, crème brû- okay I'm done. I also really like crème brûlée. 8^)


♥ I came here to make friends and share stuff with people I share common points with~ I'm a very anxious little one, so I know it takes courage and strenght to approach strangers; don't hesitate to send me an invite and / or private message, I'm always up for new friendships ! ♥

I speak French so I have a bit of trouble with speaking English correctly; don't hesitate to correct me if I make a mistake, I'm always happy to learn~ ! ♥


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