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Hello everyone!


My name is Tianna I'm a new little/middle myself. i'm a bit new to the community but ddlg has been a part of my life for some time. first i'll tell you about me! i'm very playful and fun loving, i try to be as nice as i can to everyone. i enjoy all forms of art- even in little space it will always be craft time. i love food and i have a big sweet tooth! i'm 19 (20 in a month!) in college studying business and i do have a job but i'm prone to feeling very lonely, sad, and stressed out haha. so, firstly, i'm looking for friendships and maybe just some nice conversations with people living the ddlg life. i'd love to talk, answer any questions, maybe find a mentor? and then ultimately end up with a loving, understanding and patient daddy  :wub:


I hope this was a good start! i look forward to meeting you guys!

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