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Hi there everyone!

I'm so new to this, I literally just learned this was a thing a few weeks ago. I'm from the US, and I'd definitely consider an IRL daddy someday but for right now I'm just trying to learn what I want and don't want in relationships. I'm 24 years old and have never not been in a relationship really, and something has always been missing.

I want someone who can at least pretend to get excited with me about silly things. I really love pokemon and game of thrones (I know, duality) and the amount of excitement I have about my fandoms can feel suffocating if my partner just looks at me sideways for it. I also know that I need much more caregiving than I've ever had. I want someone to give me a bubble bath and wrap me up and watch 90s cartoons on the couch while holding me. Most of the things I want are things any relationship should be able to offer me, IMO, yet they never came close. 

I would have never really thought this lifestyle is for me because I'm a caregiver type as well but thru lurking I've found that being someones babygirl doesn't mean it isn't my place to do the affectionate or kind things that I like to do for a partner. 

So basically I'm here to try and get to know myself better and I hope that getting to know you all can help me with that even more than lurking already has :) 

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