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Hey everyone. :)

Guest DaddyXavier

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Guest DaddyXavier

I've been on the site for a few days and figured I'd post an introduction!


My name is Justin, and I'm from New England. I signed up for this site because I met an old friend who was into DDlg. She introduced me to it and I just felt it calling my name.


I'm a moderately experienced Dominant-leaning switch (about 2 years in BDSM). As far as BDSM, I am very much into rope, flogging, D/s, discipline, protocol, etc. I like to be in control, I like to be in charge, and I like getting what I want - but I also like giving, and taking care of others, and being a guide and mentor. I've recently discovered that DDlg is for me. I'd known about it for a while, but it wasn't until the past couple of months that I've found myself really getting into it. I really love the amount of care and attention littles need - it's like they're an empty battery, and I get to fill them up by discharging my overfilled battery. In my previous D/s relationships a major problem is that I was "too kind/gentle" for my subs. But I feel with a DDlg relationship, I can indulge that side of my personality.


As far as vanilla, well. I work in EMS and want to become a paramedic. I am very much about being in control of myself in regards to health - we live in a crazy, unhealthy, and dysfunctional world. I can't control the world, but I can control myself and keep myself mentally and physically healthy. I am a fitness freak - it's another form of "being in control" for me. I lift weights and run 3x/week, hike, swim, and climb all manner of questionably safe things. I'm a bit of a gamer, but not for the past year as I've been focusing on other things. I like talking about all manner of topics, but be warned; I am very opinionated and will not shirk from the truth just to spare someone's feelings.


But in general I'm fairly friendly. I don't bite, I promise.*


Look forward to making more friends and learning about this awesome lifestyle.


*That's a lie.

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