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Genderqueer little one~


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Hiya, I'm Kit! I'm a 22 year old who identifies as both little and middle. I'm also a submissive with some masochist tendencies. 

I'm a polyamorous, genderqueer, femme, panromantic, demisexual! Say that ten times fast~ I have a wonderful Daddy that I've been with for almost three years. We're engaged and in a long distance relationship *pout pout*. I also have a pretty amazing boyfriend who is engaged to his awesome slave. It's been interesting, as my boyfriend is really my first experience with poly.

As far as being little goes, I tend to be primary middle. It allows me to be adult when I need to be but I can easily slip into little space when I want. I dislike being an adult, but I know it's necessary so I do it. I'm also kinda bratty when in little/middle space but that's been calming down lately. 

I've been into kink since before I hit 18, but I never participated before then. I've been in the local scene for about 2 years now. I frequent munches and play parties as often as my work schedule will allow. I love all the friends and relationships being in the scene has brought me.


This is me and Daddy<3

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Hey :D


Welcome to the community ^^


Munches and play parties?! I didn't know there was such a thing :o Your local community sounds awesome! I need to go see if I have one!

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