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New shy little


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My name is Lolly, I am really new to the DDlg lifestyle, not entirely sure on what to write here except I am a 23 year old little that lives in a small country town, you know how those are, gossipers everywhere, its like they have no life unless they are talking about someone else... Never really had a chance to express myself but all that is going to change i hope. 

Mostly quiet and keep to myself, pretty shy, but once ya get to know me and I get comfortable around ya I can talk ya ears off.


Hope this introduction was satisfactory 


:heart:  Lolly 

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Guest Mr TwitchPool

Welcome Lolly and thank you for finding us and joining the community.  


Read the posts, join chat when youre ready and dont be afraid to ask questions.


Really happy youre embracing this, the Web turns any small town into a huge one :) be well and be safe and good luck

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Guest MontBlanc
Lolly, a fantastic introduction. I second Twitch's sentiments. You will find a broad church of people on here and much to learn. Thrilled to see another Australian on here, we are small in numbers but we are growing :).
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