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Happy Friday new Daddy here

Mikey F'ing Mike

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So i have been looking at this fantastic site for a little while and I am impressed by alot of the threads and thought it could use a bit of my two cents.  A little about me I have been a Daddy Dom for going on about 7 or 8 years now and I absolutely love it.  The connection formed between Little and Daddy is awe-inspiring but you all know this already.  So how about I tell you a little about me.  Well as you can tell from my profile pic I love the outdoors specifically fishing and fishing out of a kayak.  Unfortunately that particular Salmon was one of my smaller Salmon of the year.  I am very active in the fishing community giving seminars, teaching the younger generations to fish, and recently started taking wounded veterans kayak fishing.  OMG I need to stop with the fishing talk.  Anyways I am 39 and from the Midwest.  I was an avid pc gamer but recently bought myself a PS4 god knows why I am horrendous..  I enjoy photography specifically sunsets and sunrises and let me tell you I have some amazing shots.  I hope to learn from you all and pass on the experiences and wisdom I have gained through my time as a daddy. 


Enjoy the rest of your Friday and no candy before bed.  ;) 

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