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'm one of those people who aggressively researches things that interests me. I recentishly have had a dom who encourages it when I act really "cutesy" it's one of those things that had been kinda stomped out. I had a lot of accidental little behavior, that I was afraid to cultivate. Finally he asked if it was something I like, and I thought yeah, I like the nurturing aspects of it, and that it allows me to cultivate my childlike wonder. I decided I get too icked out referring to him as daddy, so I call him Knight. In a long discussion I feel like its more fun to think of myself as a young girl, betrothed to an older man, who is to take care of me. I don't think I'm the only one that prefers different vernacular. Ive learned quite a bit already, but I feel I.could benefit from a group of knowledge.
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