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Princess Lisi

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Haii everyone!

So i'm not new to the community I have been a little for over 6 years with 2-3 daddies but recently I've entered a Polyamorous relationship (Polyamorous is multiple people in 1 relationship with everyone's consent and approval upon each joiner to the relationship.)


In this relationship I have a Daddy and A Little and i'm not new to being a Mommy but it's been almost 5 years an i'm wondering if anyone has a any; Tips, ideas, websites. Anything to help so I can re-educate myself on being a Mommy, I've searched the web previously and couldn't find anything except for maybe pacifiers and adult onesies.


Also, If anyone has any any clue on how to dominate your Prince, i'm taking all suggestions because mine is 6'5 and i'm only 4'10 so I think that plays a little part in my insecurity with him as well.

*Insert height joke and laughter*



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i don't know how to be a Mommy but i do know how to be a Verse Dom daddy. 
My little and i play reverse only some times though. because after all i am naturally a Dom. 
so once a month i let her take control. its something i have talked to her about. she is not up to par with her Dom skills yet and i feel i could easily over power her. 
i'm not saying i got bored but i ventured out and found a mommy just so i could see the difference in confidence. so once a month i had an arrangement with a mommy Dom. for me to go over and spend the night Friday Saturday and Sunday.
Fridays were always the same. get off work drive to her place. get home around 5 and when i walked in the door there was always lemonade and a club sandwich waiting for me. after i finished my meal i could watch tv or play video games for 2 hours. usually around 7 she asked me to come to her room and tell her about my week. i told her everything about everything and she tallied up her rules if i broke any or if i was a good boy. if i was bad she would punish me. such as flogging pussy in my face while tied up tease. pegging, blind fold hot wax biting and tickling. if i was good i got to suck on her tits or eat her pussy. sexually.. friday i NEVER got to fuck her. saturday she would wake me up breakfast in bed style usually around 8 unless i had work then she would buy me food and take me to work.if i was off i got to play around do what i want for 5 hours.then lunch time usually started with a blow job while i eat my meal <3 almost my favorite part of the day. after i was done with lunch she made me eat desert (her pussy) unless i like talk back or something saturday during the day would be mostly good sexual stuff like i would randomly get a blow job 4 times a day. or we would just go do shit like go to the mall. she owould spoil me and buy me clothes and funn new stuff for my hobbies. we would have a six pack during dinner and after dinner saturday we would walk around the block once or twice. come home and we would start my training. training consist of duration training during sex, sub training, how to stay incontrol while being a sub, knot tying, flogging techniques, and then she would let me cum saturday not from sex but from a torture jack off, i was only allowed to cum if she said so. while she controlled my cock. if i could last for the torture. which i never could like one time i think i did and even then i begged her to peg me. but yea if i couldnt last i would be pegged. sunday was a good day. she usually woke me up with some sort of blow job hand job another girl sucking my dick, her pussy. i always woke up with something on my dick and we just had switch sex. where she would let me dom her all day. not like flogging or anything just got to be incontrol of the sex. like i could ask at any time. and it was nice because a lot of the time she would have her friend over and gave me permission to hook up with her by my self or 3 sum or have her watch. it was just nice treat. sunday night would just be a cuddle sesh and smoke weed and drink. monday morning she would wake me up with my bags packed and kiss me good bye. 

i loved the way she bought me food in the morning. sent me to work with a lipstick mark on my cheek and told me when she saw me later that day it better still be there. 
i loved when she would talk shit about me and my girlfriend relationship. but really she was very respectful of me and my little. she knew our safe word very well. i didnt know how to cope when she would call me a pansy little bitch for having a girlfriend. it definitely tested my boundaries. so i would say red and she would back off. completely. she said "babe im sorry if you would like to go please go im not trying to steal you from her. this is strictly fun". so i would say green and she would laugh at mee and call me a sissy. 
I loved when she would spank my butt after sex like a good job pat. she praised me soo well. soooooooo well i would come in her and she would just lay there with it dripping out, she said babby dont worry your mamas got this. and she would stand over me drip it on me and lick it off of my body. and swallow it

do things that make him feel like he is a king. but make sure he knows he is just a prince. 
i talked back to her one time and she sat me down undressed her self. got me really hard sucked me up for 10 seconds climbed on top of me and put my dick deep in her snatch and said if you ever talk back to me again.... i will never... i mean i will never let you have this pussy again. i said yes ma'am. then she stood up and got dressed. 

if you wanna talk more ad me as a friend and we can Msg. i would love to tell you as much as i know. <3

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