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DDlg Forum & Community Spring is Here !

Hi Guys! :)


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Hi you guys! I'm Tye (like tie) and I'm brand new to the dd/lg lifestyle, I identify as a little.

Actually, I haven't even started, technically (I only did it like twice so far). For the past few weeks, after I kinda stumbled on some info, I realized that I'm totally a little, even if I didn't have a name for it before. I'm WAY too shy to talk to people (I can's even give a speech without panicking and shaking) so I'm hoping some people can help me out.

Watching videos, vlogs, looking at blogs/tumblrs, reading stories (and yes, fantasizing) have all led to my 'aha!' moment....

I really wanna be a part of this community, but I dunno where to start! I'm so nervous and scared! '~'

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