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I'm Aiko!


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Hey everyone, I'm more active in the chat but I love this place. Everyone is so nice and it seems to be pretty much drama free, unlike some places. So that's a huge plus.


I'm really looking for a daddy dom, or if some of you like anime, an Onii-Chan (older brother).


Male or female, msg me and add me as a friend! ♡

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Guest cookie_crumble_princess

A big warm hello and wave with both hands. Its great to have you here. I saw you in chat last night, but I was sleeping on my keyboard and couldn't talk. 

Here's hoping that we get another chance when I'm not loopy from lack of sleep. Oh and I agree bath bombs are the stuff of serenity and pleasure! Ofc because they go with shower time and shower time is the best time for all happy things.

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