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British Little Boy


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Hello everyone.

I'm pretty new to the community and I'm just a lonely little in the North of England.

I'm actually Asexual and Aromantic... at least as far as I can gather since relationships just confuse me and I don't really like any part of it. But I don't want to be a lonely little forever. I still like companionship and would love someone to baby me.

ANYWAY... uhhh... I love Disney and cuddly toys. I have a nest rather than a bed, four hamsters and I collect Ball-Jointed Dolls!

I roleplay, read and write and love languages and history. I'm actually lactose intolerant but dairy is basically my favourite so.

I don't personally know anyone else who is part of the little or caregiver communities. I wish I did.

I love Little Twin Stars /a lot/ and wish I could go to a Sanrio store and buy all the things D:

I was born in Germany, my dad was in the British Army and posted there so...

I love Sims, Pokemon(mostly 1st gen), mario kart and minecraft!

I really want to make friends in the community... maybe some local friends in the North of England?


- Caleb.

Oh, and I'm 22 as of December just gone!

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