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Littles who care

Guest BugBug

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Guest BugBug

So is anyone a little and happen to care for family members or work in a caring job?

I worked in mental health services frontline for years and alongside ran a massage business...which is now my full employment. I listen to people with all kinds of issues and help them relax and treat their physical complaints too.

I'm a single parent and am supporting a family member through end stage cancer on palative care. I attend a hospice with him and sometimes it all gets too much.


My little side has recently gotten younger and required more care. I guess this is because I feel overwhelmed.

So do any of you littles look after others and how do you cope?

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I look after my brothers and niece everyday. And it gets really stressful.

How I cope is I do one of my favourite little activities that I can do with them. I also talk to my daddy and that helps.


I hope this helps you I hate when other littles are sad or stressed.

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Guest AmberDoll

I look after a lot of my family off and on especially the younger ones, it definitely makes little me be more bratty and need more love at the end of the day but I can also fix it by doing some things that I love to do in little space like dress up or watching disney movies or tween 90's romance movies or bubble baths. I hope this helps I know it's not much. :heart:  ^_^  

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I work in long term care. Caring mostly for seniors with Alzheimer's and dementia but also people with brain injuries. I also have a daughter and when I'm not working I take care of a senior family member with dementia.


I don't find that having to be a caregiver in so many ways effects my little side at all but that's just me. I've always been very good at coping with stress and finding time for myself as well as having a great support system.


I think that's the most important part.. The support system. Even if you don't have a Daddy a close friend is very important.

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I used to work in palliative and dementia care - I don't any more. I'm a single mum to an 18 month old (me and Daddy don't live together) and I'm going through a hell of a lot of stress... I won't bore you with details but things have been really bad for me recently (but I'm doing ok, all things considered!). I find that making time for my little self even if I'm on my own really helps. I'll dress up, get my toys out, maybe do some colouring, have cuddles with my teddies and watch Disney, all things cute and fun! Oh and dubby of course (dummy/paci)

I think it's just a littles natural reaction to stress to feel the need to be nurtured and cared for even more. For me it's my escape from being an adult, my stress free zone.

I'm sorry you're having such a hard time of it, you are doing SO well! It's ok, and I think what you're experiencing is totally normal. My advice would be to do some self care and nurture your little side as much as you feel you can :)

Here to hat if you are ever feeling alone x

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All of you do wonderful things for your family and society. It is a thank less role.


From the bottom of my heart I will say thank you for the long nights, tense moments, for the tender care and selfless devotion you have all exhibited and continue to exhibit.


Thank you. Thank you for the times you cried. Thank you for the tender moments. Thank you for caring so much it hurts. Thank. You!

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