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Hi, Everyone! I'm the ~BiRtHdAyGiRl<3


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I'm Sarah!


I'm super duper excited to be here! I signed up a few days ago and have been quietly reading everything  :ph34r: 

but I wanted to wait until today to post my introduction, because today is one of my favoritest days in the year! <3

I can't wait to meet all kinds of friends, littles and middles and Bigs and everyone in between! :3


About me?


I like video games and the zoo the best in the world. Halloween is my most favorite holiday! I like the colors gray and pink, and I wanna learn more languages. I'm 5'7 and have blondeish hair and brown eyes, and I'm supposed to wear glasses, but usually I don't. :3


I'm super duper shy around new people mostly, but some people are so easy to get along with that sometimes I never stop talking. :x

I really really really like makeup! I've got stuffies that my boyfriend gave me.... He's not a Daddy yet, but I'm hoping we can get a little more into it, we just have to go slow.


Anyway, I love making friends, so if you wanna be my friend, just let me know! <333 I'm so happy to have found such an AMAZING place!!



Sarah :heart: 

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