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🥳 🎉 🎅 🎄 🤶

DDLG? Uh yes plse. I'll take being a DD for 2000 Alex.


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Hi my name is David-Christopher but I prefer just DC.

I stumbled onto a ddlg post just yesterday while browsing tumblr. 

A few Google searches and You-tube videos later, and here I am.


I am so excited to explore something that 2 days ago, I didn't even know existed.  

The thought of being a dd struck a cord, it just feels "right" somehow.  I am spending lots of free time consuming more information on it.


I already enjoy thinking about the ways to spoil my little if/when I get one. When and if I’m ready.


I am looking forward to chatting and meeting new people with similar interests.


Please friend me if you like, I'll be your friend  :D


OMG its almost 3am Here, glad its Saturday morning.  Ya this has got me passing up on sleep.


Time to get some sleep, 



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Guest cookie_crumble_princess

Welcome to the forum, you'll find a lot of information here! I hope you stick around and eventually find the little girl that's right for you!

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