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Story Time with Mina! (The Most Creative Writer)


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((Hey people! It's Mina here. I haven't been on as much because I found my perfect boy friend. Not daddy. Boyfriend. And he's a really sexy ginger. Lay off. He's mine. Anyways I was always a great winging-it writer so I decided to write a quick story just cuz. Here we go!))



Mason laughs loudly as he watched his little sister get face-hugged by his huge fluffy cat. Mason always loved when his little sister visited him the the new house down the block next to Elmira Rd. Lillyet, being 18, adored her brother, him being 26 or 27(she never remebered). Lillyet often found that cats loved to trample her face with their large fluf, especially when Mason was around. Just for his amusement. Mason smiled at Lillyet, the suddenly remebering why he had been invited over. "I have a something to ask of you, my dearest sister." Lillyet pulled the fluff ball off her face and neck as she looked at him. "Stop talking like you're a rich snob. What's up?" Mason sighed,"Mother and Father have passed away two years from tomorrow. I wanted to know if you would like to join me for a walk to their grave. Maybe have a nice talk like last year." Lillyet giggled, "Of course my dearest brother. For the parents who'd have abused us both should deserve our memory." Mason could tell that her laugh was fake. "Lilly, they may have done horrible things to use that scared us for years on going, however it does not mean we should be as terrible as they and not pay our respects to the people that decided not to abort us. They could have abused us but we saw each others tears for them. As they would have seen tears for us. Please Lillyet, won't you join me?" Lillyet thought on it. She understood that the world was a cruel place and some things should not be forgiven, however at the same time she also understood that she would make the world no better if she would be a cruel person herself. "I'll join you. Then, In their names, we will have their favorite meal, which also happens to be mine. I love you brother. Don't you know?" Mason smiled and nudged her," Yes I know my rich and snobby sister. And thank you for forgetting things that should not be forgotten, even if it is for a day." Mason and Lillyet hugged, then continues to feel the fluff of the cats fur.






((Well there it is. That was off the top of my head. It's a short story for adults. Just remember, something's should be forgotten, even if for a day, and hour, a minute, or a second. Make the world a better place))

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