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Good Day and servus!

Guest Dan-D

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Guest Dan-D

Dear Forum Members!


Please allow me to introduce myself...

I'm a young Austrian male (so, enjoy all those nice Germanisms which all english native speakers find oh so funny, and keep the spelling mistakes, burn them and build a castle ;)) who just got recently introduced to the term DDlg by a totally unknown girl who he considers to be either one of the best possibilities of his life or one of his worst moves...


DDlg feels totally natural to me, I only had one relationship in my life, a longtimer, a fulfilled sexuality with only one partner (who we enjoyed other partners together), with sections of our timeline where everything was basically DDlg and furplay, not knowing this but enjoying it tremendously, as a part, not as the sole essence of our relationship...

Where I have problems now is the total limitation to DDlg, the choice on her side to make it a lifestyle,

I'm enjoying it, I'm hating it, I' don't really have the armament to fight against this creature who has experience, who possibly is limited to a texting/mailing/telephoning kind of realationship, hell, i know her for a few days, i know little of little, i just know that she bangs my brains out, that I'm fantasizing and thinking about her all the time, that I can't concentrate on work, family, friends anymore...

I'm falling for her after been beaten down some months before and I'm not able to really connect and that sickens me...

I want to make this part of me, i want her to be part...


Let me just allow to ask questions and to hope for your guidance

If seen my fair share of good, thougtful answers in this forum and I'll be glad to just read, process it and utilize it...


Hello and let's spend some time together...


Best regard




PS: If you are reading this Izz, please don't Forum stalk me, it's private and about things a little should possibly not know...

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Guest Dan-D

Hello AlphaOmega!


Thanks for the Welcome!


I'm still reading through the Forum, thanks for your offer, I'll open a new Topic in the right section when I've articulated my Questions...





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