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Just Want to Say~


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That's my fancy way of saying hello to all of you. 


Never quite saw myself joining a forum for this, but I suppose it's time to come to and accept some facts and understand that I would like an easier way to meet like-minded people than dropping subtle hints all the time, aha.


Now, I guess since this is an introductory post I should probably say something meaningful about myself? So, here's some brief info about me: cats and coots are my favorite things ever, I love love love coots though. They're like the cutest things in the world to me, I seriously want a pet coot. I already have a pet cat-- my sweet baby-- but I need a coot. I'm really into anime and the internet is like my second home. Let's see, what else? Oh, I'm a full time student and I work part time, so during the day I'm usually away but at night I come out to play. Also, my biggest hobby is forum roleplaying, second would have to be playing video games but only if they involve a horse, an annoying fairy and a boy in green saving the world and a princess.


And that is, you basically know everything about me... So please, I am more than happy to make friends, I love friends, especially online friends, so drop by to say hi anytime. ^_^

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