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Hi, my name is Ae.

Guest AelaPiggy♥

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Guest AelaPiggy♥

I was a member here early last year (2015). Due to some circumstances, I ran away, and deleted my account without a word.


Now, I'm back. Hopefully for good this time.


I wish to reconnect with the friends I made before, (I miss you guys, especially M0rs3 and lizzybell) and make tons of new ones.



My name is Aela (not my real name, of course) and I am a walking contradiction. Lols.


I am an extroverted introvert, an ambivert as one may put it. I enjoy socializing, but honestly, I'd rather be alone at times. I appreciate solitude, but I love being in the comfort of people who genuinely care about me. I am a sucker for romance and happily-ever-afters, but I don't think those apply to me. I love nature, but I hate getting myself dirty. I am keen on learning new things, but I especially hate studying. Haha.


I have a low self esteem. I don't have confidence in my own worth or abilities, but I strive to be better at the things I do or at least try.


I am a hopeless romantic and I love of "grand gestures", but it's always the little things that count.


I am a crybaby. I am very soft-hearted, but I'd rather not show my emotions. I would like for others to see me as strong-willed. Others think that I have a carefree attitude, but I am an extreme worrywart. I have a lot of love to give, but I don't show it.


I'm a mess and a failure in everything I do--I don't think I'm worthy enough.


I'm not good with words and have trouble saying what I really want. Rather, I don't know what I want.


I am confused.

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Guest AelaPiggy♥

Welcome and best wishes Aela. Let me know if I can be of help! 





I am AO. Welcome... back.. again?


Thank you both for the warm welcome.

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