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Guest sevenpetals

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Guest sevenpetals

Hello Daddies and littles,


My name is Tiare, Tia for short. To be honest, it took me a long while after discovering this site to build up enough oomph to sign up. I've little to no experience in relationships, but the Daddy/little lifestyle just seems right for me. I seem to lean more towards the idea of having a true relationship with a Daddy or Papa figure than the being a "little" part. I'm still learning as to what I'm really looking for. Or where I fit in for that matter.  


I am a bit of an ambivert, but definitely on the shy and wary side when it comes to putting out what I consider to be extremely private. I love meeting new people and learning new things so hopefully I can get to do both here.


Feel free to ask me anything and I hope we can get along.

Thank you!

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