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My name is KAY!


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Hello everyone! 


I'm new to this site and the ddlg dynamic. One of the reasons why I'm glad I found this site is because everyone seems very open and it seem like a great place to learn more. 


I'm kind of shy and super nervous but decided to join because of any experience I recently had... I was with my mom and godmother I wanted to buy a teddy bear backpack. They basically blasted me for wanted to buy it, I wanted to cry right there in the store because I felt there was something wrong with me. 


I feel like I am super close, if not already identifying as a little. 



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Do not let them crush your little spirit. There is an ass for every seat. For every little, there is a daddy (or mommy) that needs their Innocent and pure affection.

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Welcome ! I'm also new here. Looking forward to meeting all these amazing littles. You should have insisted :3
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