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Hey everybody! As the title says and from the post location it should b clear!

Thre's a lot more info on my profile just to get that out of the way.


   Now I'm a newbie when it comes to the BDSM world, I'll admit this proudly! I have roughly over 4 years of experience and I've had several partners. However in what you'd call the regular BDSM setting of just D/s and some petplay.

I have a light, fun and open attitude towards life in general and new experiences. I'm overall a gentle and caring person, i tend to see the fun side of things or people and connect with that easier than the serious one but that doesn't mean I'm with my head up in clouds.


   I stumbled into DD/lg in a funny way ( who would have thought ). Every so often I crossed paths with a few ladies that I absolutely found adorable. I knew nothing at the time. But to see someone connect themselves so deeply with their inner child appealed to me.

But I digress. So eventually, once in a while I would get playfully nicknamed " daddy " during various scenarios. Things got me thinking when a few people told me straight up they saw me or wanted me to be their daddy. - So, I got to reading, after all it's an experience I haven't tried.

   I found myself drawn to it; and the way the relationship is lived trough this lifestyle ... and here I am.


I know nothing, I have everything to learn about it .... I hope the person who picked me has enough patience to help me understand what it means to be a daddy and that they are attentive enough to MY needs such as to learn and wish to put just as much enthusiasm, time and attention ( yes just noticing and being aware the other person is there, in that sense ) as I'm willing to put in it. My core values are there and I feel comfortable in this setting, i just need to have my hand held so I squeeze it back.


   Now...that was a bit soapy even for me but it's out of the way! I'm looking forward to getting to know the community and being an active member. That being said, feel free to approach me regarding anything.

It's all a learning experience and growth process!

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