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Guest ScarletBlue

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Guest ScarletBlue


I am re introducing myself to the forum. because i have learned a little bit more about myself as a little.


I go by Arial tho it is not my first name. it is a nickname . I was obessed with " the little mermaid" still kind of am and now im getting a little obessed with " Beauty and the Beast"


I still dont know my little age but i would say im more of a middle than a little. but when i get needy i wuld say that my age is around a 5. im guessing i just know when i get needy i act like a baby , a little bratty.


I am a non sexual little. I choose to wait till i am married to have sex. that also means that i will not be sending nor do i want to reviced any pictures of privte areas.


I am a christan and try to live a godly life and i would like for my daddy t also be a christan and lives a godly life.


I am a reader, i love getting lost in a good book. I can spend hours ( if i can) walking around a bookstore looking up new books to add to my everylasting list.


I am a writer, i love to try to creat a new world and fill a page with charchers that come to life.


i am a supportor, i always wait to be there for my friends, family, and for my future husband (daddy). when they need me to be the person they can lean on. Even if it's a shoulder message and an open ear. I want to be there.


I am a fighter. I battle with depression and my insecurities. i may not always say when something is wrong and try to hide from the world. and i may try to put distance between me and friends or even people who will try to help me. If you (friend or daddy) can see that somehting is wrong please make me talk it out. Dont leave me alone.

even if we are far away text, call, send silly crazy viedos . anything that could make me smile or laugh.


I am a dreamer, wisher, lover.

I am crazy, random, wild and sweet.

I am hyper but clam

I'm in a indoor person and an outdoor persoin.

But mostly i am a girl who is waiting for a man to find me and love me.

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