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So many regulars known of me but not about me. I feel very comfortable here and decided to invest in a "the man behind the mask" post.


Who I am:


I am a person that is interested in others. I help where I can, however I can. I recognize each and every person, regardless of experience has something to offer each other. I am that quiet voice of wisdom. The person that many people seek for advice because I try not judge, I encourage. I'm that old soul that is warm, compassionate and wise. I've had quite a bit of life experience and have come to realize there is no right or wrong. No matter how terrible the act is, it plays out in the musical called Life. However, your action have consequences. If your actions produce results that are not conducive to your personal growth, then that is something for you to decide. I am very spiritual. I do not subscribe to a religious mandate or man made religious institution. My communion with God/Goddess is within and I experience the wonder of that Love is a child's smile, in a gentle breeze, in a bird's song, in a warm embrace, in a gentle and tender glance.


There is a lot I want to be, but because I still have to learn some lessons in life, I am evolving. I want to be able to go to sleep knowing that there was something I did that day to give another happiness or strength to find their happy. I am a protector, nurturer, guide and revelation. There is an inner satisfaction watching someone have a profound moment of discovery. That awe. That epiphany. That to me is sweeter than the nectar of a honeysuckle. To know I have created an opportunity for growth is a huge lifting of my soul.


What I am not:


Oppressor, supressor, constrictor. I am not spiteful, mean or aggressor. Anything that is opposite of growth and love, I do not find joy in. I do not play head games or try to be manipulative. That is not the expression of who I am at my core.


What I want to be:


A catalyst for growth and love. The strength in the dark that carries to light. The caress needed most to help those close to me to find their strength. The gentle and warm breeze on a spring day brining comfort to my closest.


I guess I just want to be a decent human being that is remembered for compassion, strength, loyalty, integrity, and love by those I am blessed with an opportunity to demonstrate such.


See your truth. Live your truth. Be your truth.


Thanks for reading.

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Guest DaddyLeroy

Hi A&O. Great write-up! Pleased to meet you. I'm new to the DDlg world, but I already have a beautiful lg. Good luck to you!

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