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Daddy is a Cinner

Guest DaddyLeroy

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Guest DaddyLeroy

Greetings from Portland, OR. Cinerimmer, aka Cinner aka Leroy. Oh my, where to start?


For years I've had an incest fetish and not known of a proper outlet to deal with it. I collected stories, pictures, videos, but it wasn't enough. I posted classified ads on inappropriate sites, with no luck. (Bear with me, it gets good...)


My luck changed a couple weeks ago when I met a beautiful young girl from a porn site. Our interests and goals meshed perfectly. She was looking for a total daddy. Yeah. Wow. It didn't matter that she lived four timezones away. So yesterday we had our first voice chat. In that hours-long call, she introduced me to DDlg. I never heard of it. I've been reading and researching non-stop. So now, I don't want to let this precious thing go. I want to be the best daddy possible.


I am here to learn. I want you to tell me your best methods, philosophy, anecdotes, dos and don'ts, whatever you got! I'm here to learn.


I'm a single, 40 IT guy. Not much into gaming or sports. The last time I stood and cheered was when that SpaceX rocket landed on that little barge in the middle of the ocean. Boom, science, man!

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