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New, very very shy little looking for her one and only Daddy!


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I'm really new to this community, I've had one Daddy before but he scared me really bad, I don't really know much about the community, so if you want to be my Daddy you will have to help me learn. I really want a daddy who is demanding, protective and possessive and accepting. My little age can be anywhere from 1 to around 6, but my adult age is 18. Hope my Daddy's out there somewhere! :wub:

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Be careful, little one. Your plea is an honest cry for help, and most in the community would do just that. But your vulnerability is also a magnet for those soulless predators who would wear the guise of Daddy Dom to prey on littles, especially ones as young in conventional life as yourself. Do not be distrustful, but be protective of yourself until you find the Caregiver who will do that for you. Good luck, and do take care
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