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Hello ^-^


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Hello I'm Chelsea, but you can call me chel or chels. 


I'm still new to the whole dd/lg lifestyle. but i'm doing my best to research and understand it to the fullest. I haven't gone into little space because I'm too scared, but it's something that I know I want to do. I'm still unsure about whether I'm a little or not. Heck I'm still confused about my own sexuality, but from what I've read about the lifestyle and what it's like to be a little, I start to see myself and the way I act sometimes. I feel like it's a part of me that I'm trying to understand. I don't even know if that made sense :(


Anyways, I just really want to understand better and make friends with others who feel the same way. Maybe find a daddy idk 


I'm very shy and awkward, but can be very open when I get comfortable. I love talking about music and I listen to many different genres and I love to talk about all of them. I also love talking about movies, anime, manga, comics, books, drawing, even politics sometimes. 


ok that's enough, bye bye for now ^-^

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