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Hello everyone :)

Darling's Daddy

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Hi there!

I'm not the best at informative introductions, so I will keep it short and simple.

For the sake of simplicity, you all can call me "E" or just "hey, you there".  :p 
I am a Daddy Dom, and have been that for a few months now. I have a lovely little, who together with me took the steps into the DD/lg lifestyle (and hopefully, I'll introduce her to this forum this very weekend).
Both me and my little are still studying, and personally I aim to become some kind of psychologist or therapist some time in the future.
I'm quite nerdy in some ways, I guess one could say, and my interests are mostly games (mostly World of Warcraft and other Blizzard games), tv-series (might not be caught up in all of the newer series, but feel free to discuss anyways, I don't mind spoilers. Mostly.), books in most forms and archery. Oh, and as a side note, anything Doctor Who related is without doubt going to make me approve greatly ;)
That might have been a bit longer than the "short and simple" I hoped for, but just as awkwardly put as I imagined. So that's about it for me now. Looking forward to spending some time here at the forum. :)

- E

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