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Hello From Southern Georgia!

Guest Bam Bam

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Guest Bam Bam

Hey! My name is Garamiah. I'm from Georgia, USA. I'm 24 years old. I'm about 5'10 220 lbs. If that gives you any idea what my body looks like. I'm new to the DDLG lifestyle, but I'm extremely interested in it. The whole dynamic of being a caregiver/daddy is something that I truly want. Hopefully I can find myself a little one day that can be my forever little.


I work 60 hours a week overnight. Working that schedule leaves a lot of time during the day that I am able to do stuff with my friends and family. I'm willing to do just about anything on a workday as long as I get 4-6 hours of sleep a day. While I'm not at work, I tend to play video games or watch netflix. I'm usually playing madden, runescape, league of legends, Arma 3, stuff like that. On netflix, I'm a die hard fan of Law and Order SVU, Futurama(Rest in Peace my sweet prince), and American Dad. I can watch just about anything and get into it.


My life background is pretty different(even though I'm 24). There is a lot of stuff that I could discuss with you about it, but it's not something I'm going to openly put on a public forums for the whole world to read. Once I get to know you and trust you I'm like an open book. You ask a question I will answer it. 


I'm always trying to better myself. I love reading about space, history, and just random theories. Furthering my education is a high priority to me. If I don't have somebody who I can have an intellectual conversation with I tend to feel that my brain is rotting away. I'm not asking for you to be the smartest person in the world, just to be able to hold a conversation about something important to you. I believe everybody is smart in their own ways. Everybody is dedicated to different things, and you can't judge somebody on something that they don't know.


I wouldn't say my personality is one of a kind, because I haven't met everybody in the world to make that judgement. I would like to say though, I'm always a happy person. I always try to bring smiles out of everybody. I understand getting upset every now and then, but to be a constantly unhappy person isn't somebody I want to be around. There is too much in life to be happy about, even if it feels like you don't have anything at all. 


Hopefully I did a good job introducing myself to you wonderful people in this community. 



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