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uhmm, hello!


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Omg i suck at introducing myself but alright, here we go...


Hello! I'd appreciate if you all call me Tita, i'm new into this forum and ddlg in general. I'm a 18 years old little from South America but since the kinky community here is literally nonexistent i decided to give it a try to the english one. It may not seem like so but i'm truly introverted and shy, so it's hard for me to open up and make friends although i'm working on it. I speak spanish, english, a tiny little bit of french and starting to learn italian. I love DC and Marvel comics as well video games such as League Of Legends, Smite and Tera. I'm also a huge Disney nerd, i can sing every song and quote the movies in two languages!


Finding a daddy is not my main goal for it is to make friends, but hey if the opportunity is given that'd be really nice. I think i better stop here because i don't want to make this too long, but feel free to contact me if you wish to know me better! Have a nice day  :heart:

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Hello, Tita! Welcome to the forums! Haha, it is difficult introducing one's self - I still need to make a proper introductory post and fill out my about me section.


The forum has plenty of awesome individuals, noth of the little and Big variety, as well as tons of info. I'm sure you'll make friends in no time. Feel free to swing by the chat, also.


Video games are awesome, as are comics! (I've played LoL, but currently am on an "The Evil Within" and "Fallout 4" binge. Marvel and DC are amazing, though I have a varied taste in heroes and villains.) I admire the fact you're so versatile in language! It's a life goal of mine to speak (and write in) numerous languages. Well, this has been quite an extensive reply, haha. Enjoy and talk soon.

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