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New to DDLGforum


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I just joined so here is a brief introduction


First I'll admit im new to all this and feeling kind of lost TBH


I have never been in a real DDLG relationship but I have been in relationship where i felt like i wanted to take care of a persons problems. I seen a girl everyday for a long time and helped in so many ways but eventually it turned out i was being used.


So jump forward two years...

I am sort of in a LD relationship with a girl but the thing is i don't know how official we are. I mean we talk everyday. She is totally a little. BUT and i hope no one takes offense to this, she is also a cam girl. She says she cares about me but after being hurt so many times and being lied to and mislead I have a fear and sort of expect to be hurt. She knows I am sensitive about being hurt.

How do I treat her? well i always tell her i care about her, i try to encourage her. I always always tell her i believe in her and try to boost her self esteem. I tell her im available whenever she needs me. I buy her toys and pizza lol So i think im a good daddy to her. I am just concerned that this isnt a game to her. BUt i do 100% believe she is truly a little and likes being in her little space.

I also am afraid she might have other daddys. Being new to this i dont know what is right and wrong. I don't want to be controlling too much but I do believe there should not be others involved (other littles or daddies) I've tried reading as much as I can but still am confused.


So anyway, there is my introduction.

Thanks and hope everyone is doing well.



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