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I tried to come up with a quippy title but it's too late


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Hi! My name is Ashe!

So, I've known that I was a little for a long time, but I didn't really realise that there was a community for it. So here I am. I suppose.

As my username implies, I am kind of a shy little nub, but I get around.

But the lame part is understated. I am super lame. I tell lots of puns.

I guess you probably want to know a bit about me?

Well, I play piano and ukulele, I love to write and draw. I'm kind of an anxious mess, so if I seem like I'm acting anxious, I probably am. 

Physically, I'm 5'4, kinda on the smoller side, but I could still take you in a fight (shh, I'm very feisty). I have shoulder length dark brown hair and green eyes. I also have this really dorky gap between my front two teeth, and the only purpose it serves is sometimes I can whistle like a bird through it. 

So yeah, that's a ......little..bit about me. 
(I thought it was funny tyvm)

So yeah, chat me up <3

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