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I need a daddy...or a friend


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Hi!! My names Layla and pretty new to this! I'm awful shy and socially awkward but hey I'm working on it!!


I'm quite interested in a daddy and more long distance kinda thing cause im seen some horror stories about things like this and I wanna try to avoid that!


As soon as I found out about DDLG a few weeks ago I've been slowly just been diving in deeper and deeper. I am kinda like obsessed with the whole idea because I've never really been one to just be bland.


Since I'm new I'm asking for all the tips I can get to make sure I'm all good to go!


I also want to have little friends! I'm so awkward all the time and I need some change! I just want people to talk to and trust and care and kinda recover the same thing back!


Bless you if you read this cause I'm a mess! Thanks anyway tho!

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Welcome. I also just found out about DDLG recently and looking to make some friends. Maybe we can start out our journey in this lifestyle together; learn and have fun as we go.
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