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Daddy Wolf? Yes, that me.


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Hey ! I'm Sam, 19 years old and French. (And i'm really not good for write english...)

My girlfriend is Princess Luna and like her, I have 3 personnality. (We are not schizophrenic, is just more simple, for exemple, if my girlfriend went to go in little space, she say Luna and i understand.)

Sam, Daddy and Onyx (master).



So, let's go !



Hi ! My name is Sam I'm a 19 years old  and I'm French. (and i write very bad english.)


I like :


- Read books

- Play video game (alllll tiiime)

-Do something with my hand (like, write, sew....)
-Watch movie or tv show !
-My futur job !! (coppersmith in english i think)


I love :


- My GirlFriend (maybe wife in few years :rolleyes: )

-My Big Sister.

- Animals in particulary Cat and Wolf. (I love dog to).



I dislike :


- Sun

- Mornings

- Stupid people who ask stupid questions ALL the time


-My girlfriend when she say NO.



I hate : 

-shithead (that correct in forum?)
-My mother and, mother of my girlfriend (specely her x) )







Hey, my name is Daddy (yes i have no name's Daddy) i'm 28 years old and very, very proctective with my little girl. My little girl is Luna and i love her, i do everything for her.



I like :

- Play with my Little girl.

-Do food for my little girl.

-to offer gifts to my little girl <3



I love : 


- Luna

-Luna's smile

-Luna's eyes

- Luna. (yes again !)

- When Luna is happy.



I dislike :


- Punish my little girl even if it is for his own good.

- When Luna cry for no reason

- When Luna have a bad day....



I hate : 


- When Luna cry for a reason.



Hi ! I'm Onyx. I'm a master and... i love that. My submissive is Ruby.


I like :

- When my submissive is with me.

Punish her.



I love : 


- My Submissive

- Punish her (yes, again ! )

- When she's wait me on his knees.
-When she please me.



I dislike :


- Have the impression to not do well.
-My empathie because when my submissive cry, I have to fight not to cry too...



I hate : 


-When Ruby does not listen....


Here we are ! if you are questions, tell me ! :D

Have a nice day. (or night)


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