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Hello from a new little!


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Hi I'm a 20 year old little girl. My nickname is Bluebell after my favorite type of flower! I'm new to DDlg with no experience and still trying to figure things out. I came across this forum recently and this seemed like a nice community to join.


Because of being raised in a dysfunctional family environment, I never really had a chance to have a childhood or enjoy being a kid. My father was an alcoholic who cared more about his next bottle of beer than his daughter and my mother was working all the time to support us. I had no siblings to confide in as well so I was forced to "grow up" at such a young age. Everything was just so complicated back then.


Now I want to bring out that little girl that's been trapped inside who never had the opportunity to be her true self. I want to live simply and enjoy the little things in life. I also think embracing this neglected part of me might even be a very healing experience.


I hope I can learn a lot from this forum, make some new friends, and possibly even a Daddy in the future. Thank you for taking your time to read this. :)

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