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I'm nervous


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This probably won't even be seen by anyone, but I'm new to the community I guess. I think I need this post to get a few things off my chest because I've never told anyone about being little before... I live in such a small town.. Word gets around fast, and I'm scared I'd be made fun of if people found out.

I'm not sure why I feel the need to tell you my entire life's story, I guess I just need to tell someone who won't judge me.

Haha okay here goes      (i'll put it under a spoiler warning and put a TL;DR at the bottom so you don't have to read it haha)



My daddy and I had a pretty "normal" relationship I guess. Is what I was at first going to write... but the more I'm thinking about that, it's not true at all. Daddy and I have always been sort of weird. We both knew that we liked bdsm, but neither knew how far we would eventually take things. All we knew was that we certainly weren't vanilla.
And in regards to personality, I can be so childish it hurts. Before I knew about all of this "big me" and "little me" and what it meant to be little, I was just kind of... there. I felt like my childish tendencies were just exactly what they were. Tendencies. They annoyed some people, and other people found them cute. Of course, daddy was one of the people who found it cute. It was nice to have someone I could just be me around. It felt good.

Every night he was (is) with me, daddy would tuck me in and kiss my forehead and I dunno.. Whatever! He just did all these cute things! We'd wrestle, he'd give me raspberries on my tummy, kiss my owies, cuddle me ALL the time, carry me sometimes when I was super sleepy, and even take care of me whenever I'm sick. (Haha funny and unrelated story we would joke about girls calling their boyfriends "daddy" all the time. Both of us thought it was super weird. Now he asks me to call him that. Which I think is even more funny.)


I guess I thought our relationship was super normal.
Then I found out about ddlg and I got very confused. Because that sounded just like me and my boyfriend...

Naturally I looked into it, and bim bam here I am a couple months later with almost more questions than I have answers. I've told daddy about ddlg, but I don't know if he wants to put a label on us. Heck, I don't even know if I want to put a label on us. But ever since I learned about this and told him, our relationship changed just a teeny tiny bit. Now he hugs Mr. Moose (my stuffie) goodnight and he tells him "these cuddles are for my girl", we play more often, he does my hair, I call him daddy, he calls me princess, and I dunno it just feels different.

Not bad different, though. In fact, I think I like it.



I'm glad there's a community where I can talk about this. I really needed to tell someone. Even if no one's going to read this, I feel better just putting it out there.


TL;DR My daddy and I are slowly figuring out what it means to transition to this lifestyle. Nice to meet you : )

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awww, that's really cute! im jelly  :heart:  i'm super new but i'd love to talk to you whenever you need to get something off your chest! ^^ 

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I know the feeling of living in a small town, but it's worth getting on with - it's harder for people to find about things like this than you'd like to think. Don't worry about it, and just have a good time.


Welcome  :) .

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