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Suggestions for our Second short story!!!!

Ok guys so we made it through our first short story ( if you missed it feel free to go back and look. It is a 30 min read) and I an excited to start another. We will keep the discussion on "Within a Wall" going but let's see where our next adventure awaits.

This time is a bit different. The last one was heavy and a thinker so this time I say we gp with something cuter and fun. Sooooo I lniw alot of you read DDLG stories on Wattpad or elsewhere. So let's make this one a DDLG short story. 

I dont know any but I know alot of ypu do. So please come and comment on this with suggestions. I will take the best three and make it a vote. Who knows some time whoever choice is chosen may get recognition of some sort.

Cant wait to see what you guys come up with!

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