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    #61 Lele the Marshmallow

    Lele the Marshmallow


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    Posted 08 July 2020 - 12:16 PM

    I hate punishment in general. Were updating them since this. We just have to make time to update.

    Take a minute because things get better with time.  *glitter*  :heart:

    #62 LittleZiggy



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    Posted 21 July 2020 - 10:38 AM

    My Daddy ignores me when I'm naught for him. He tells me off as well.

    #63 Strawberry.Bunny


      Cookie Munsta

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    Posted 22 July 2020 - 06:02 PM

    My dada makes me write paragraphs as to why i should be forgiven and gives me time outs and spankies and also early bedtimes

    Cutesy Pwincess

    #64 kimi



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    Posted 20 August 2020 - 04:36 AM

    My Daddy believes any punishment must include a bare bottom spanking. It’s just how things are done. So, when he punishes me, he pulls down my panties and he spanks my bare bottom over his knee. It’s embarrassing no matter how many times I’ve been through it but it emphasizes my littleness, and it hurts so I can’t help kicking and crying but I am a little and my Daddy treats me like a baby so I learn

    #65 Daddy'sSweetGirl



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    Posted 01 October 2020 - 10:52 PM

    My Daddy had the idea to put my punishments on a prize wheel, so any time I break a rule or show bad behaviour 1 wheel spin gets added, and it decides my punishments no matter how small or big the misdemeanour is. :3
    I finally finished it tonight.
    He gave me permission to upload it with explanations for what each sticker means.

    Though I do 6 of those things on a regular basis for him (guess which :p lol), but if it’s from the punishment wheel it means I gotta do it whether I’ve got a headache or feel sooky and don’t wanna. [/spoile


    A punishment wheel sounds interesting, but the image won't load?

    #66 Accountable Daddy

    Accountable Daddy


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    Posted 08 October 2020 - 12:24 AM

    I've never liked punishments that include being ignored or anything sexual. I also have never liked lines. They remind me of the one time I had to do them in elementary school and it became a game for me to write them out a certain way.
    One punishment I heard about and like is to have my girl (when I have one) get a half cup or so of rice or something similar and dump it on the floor. Then pick up each piece one at a time. Having her count them as an added level of punishment. Time consuming, not fun, and keeps her busy while she has time to think about what she did. Works long distance too.

    #67 princess_baby



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    Posted 04 November 2020 - 11:56 AM

    1. NO SAYING NO 

    2. Words such as “Yeah, okay, ok, yep, nah, um, and sure” will not be tolerated

    3. Send me memes :)

    4. Kisses are allowed everywhere (tongue is permitted)

    5. NO bad words

    6. NO drinking

    7. NO smoking (tobacco or else)

    8. NO self-harm

    9. NO drugs other than prescription

    10. All medicine must be taken on time-

    11. Minimum of 1000 calories a day (must report and ensure satisfactory result)

    12. Prohibited foods include: anything with gluten, all snack cakes, spaghetti, taco bell burritos, crackers, collard greens, squash, eggs, regular cheerios, and gmo candies (m&ms etc. ) (you must be honest about your diet)

    13. Ask before you eat or drink anything sweet (sugar free or not(including energy drinks)) or spicy

    14. Ask before eating anything from a restaurant 

    15. Be a safe driver

    16. When master wants, master receives

    17. Communicate when you won’t be available for more than 5 minutes at a time

    18. Communicate where you are at all times and who you're with

    19. At the beginning of the day, send me your schedule

    20. Good mornings and good nights are required

    21. Any disrespect or disobedience result in punishment  (see below)

    22. Be yourself

    23. Any relapses or mistakes must be reported immediately (I won’t be mad, this won’t be accompanied by a punishment)

    24. Tell me before you drive

    25. If I have to ask you to repeat yourself more than thrice, it will result in punishment (see below)

    26. Make every effort to stay smooth

    27. If you make master hard you have to finish it upon request anytime anywhere

    28. You must send a letter a minimum of once per 2 weeks and a minimum of 1 written page

      1. Absolutely no typed letters

      2. Every page must be numbered and dated

      3. Perfume is mandatory

      4. Lipstick marks are acceptable

      5. Pictures are permitted in letters

      6. All sets of lines from the week will also be included in letters

      7. If you need stamps or envelopes, I will help you buy them

    29. You must sleep whenever daddy sets a bed time

    30. More than one missed call will result in a punishment (see below)

    31. Always keep your phone charged and life 360 on

    32. You must ask permission to communicate with other boys.

    33. You must ask permission to spend time with others, especially sleepovers

    34. When I say stop, you stop regardless of whether you’re “just joking” failure to do so will result in a punishment (see below)

    35. Turning off your video or stepping out of frame is strictly prohibited

    36. During video calls, you must change on camera making sure to stay in frame

    37. Anything less that a “B” is not acceptable and class grades should always be an “A” unless agreed upon; failure to comply will result in a punishment (see below)

    38. Do not interrupt daddy



    Timeouts (either facing a wall or a corner with no distractions every time you look away will add 30 seconds-2 minutes depending on the severity of the incident)


    No Moving (sit on your hands and cross your legs no talking or looking around this will last for 2 minutes to 10 minutes depending on the severity of the incident moving adds time but being a good girl will cut time)


    Soap (specifically for cursing wash your mouth out with whatever soap is on hand)


    Admit Guilt (you must use your voice and apologize to me for what you did until I say you are done)


    Verbal Degradation (you have lost the privilege of being called nice names until you apologize adequately, you will be referred to as “bitch, slut, a bad girl, etc.”)


    Lines (25-500 lines handwritten (in good writing) in the color of my choice on lined paper the content of each set of lines will vary based on the incident lines must also be dated)


    Mute (you have lost the privilege of using your voice any communication must be made non-verbally but still efficiently)


    Water (you are only allowed to drink water for the rest of the day cheating will result in an extension)


    No Games (your Ipad, PS4, and laptop will be prohibited for 10-120 minutes depending on the severity of the incident (other than for school work))


    Compound Punishment (a combination of other types of punishments varying greatly in degree based on the severity of the incident)


    Failure to comply with punishment will result in being CUT until you behave. Being cut means that you won't be able to talk to Daddy until you're going to actually behave.

    These are my rules and punishments and of course there are always boundaries that i speak up about and whatnot.

    #68 hideouslovely


      ↟ ⛧ Ruthy ⛧ ↟

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    Posted 05 November 2020 - 08:21 AM

    I don't have punishments because that makes my Daddy feel uncomfortable.  I don't really need punishments, though, because I wouldn't want to do anything to upset my Daddy, anyway.  I find that if he just speaks to me in a stern voice that's enough for me!  Rewards work much better for me and I have a points system - tasks get me points and those points can be spent on rewards like movie nights, stuffies, outings, etc.


    The idea of punishments appeals to me but I think clear boundaries are important and lots of communication.  I hate the idea of having stuffies taken away or not getting attention as I would find that damaging.




    #69 HRed74


      New Little

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    Posted 07 November 2020 - 03:41 PM

    They all sound like ver appropriate punishments. If I had a Daddy I would expect them to be strict with me and punish me when needed.

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