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    Why rush?

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      new order to your life

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    Posted 11 June 2018 - 02:55 PM


    eagerly awaiting access to her naughty pics

    attention deficit from growing up in smartphone world - LDR Daddy #52 should be installed in kik by now, "Little #213 Hot pics" should be installed by now...

    those who throw caution to the wind types vs cautious type


    and bad analogies are bad analogies. :) 

    so I'll add one more bad analogy.....


    the persons mentioned by the OP are more like shopaholics with a new credit card. using up their emotional/money account with much risk and little forethought.

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    Posted 11 June 2018 - 09:12 PM

    @MrDaddyManSir...I don't believe that learning to play a piece of music is on the same level of meeting someone and going for it. There are music geniuses out here that can play and learn music by ear. Most of us will have to learn each note and blend them together in away the makes them sound nice. So many people love music but give up on it because it's not easy. However, if you meet someone that you connect with why not go for it. You two maybe love geniuses and blend nicely together. Or like most of us, love is hard. I would rather have someone tell me it's not working out asap rather than them stringing me along. The same way I would want a piano teacher to tell me, Hey you suck at this, try something else. I think a lot of people look at rushing in as a negative...I truly don't.

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    Posted 12 June 2018 - 05:46 PM

    Words are funny that way. The very word "rush" has a negative leaning. To "rush" into something... anything... implies an element of recklessness. 


    I'm not saying that it is reckless, I'm saying that the word has that kind of connotation. 


    As with all things, there is no hard and fast judgment on how one decides to handle their relationships. I have found however that escalating a relationship quickly is riskier than being slow and methodical. 


    Riskier meaning - what's more likely:

    • A relationship could have thrived and been very successful if it was not rushed 
    • A relationship could have thrived and been very successful if it was rushed

    Both scenarios are possible. But which is more likely? Of course its possible for love at first sight, soulmate, explosion of perfect union type stuff. But the vast, overwhelming majority of us will not experience that and, I feel, would be burning great opportunities by looking for that. 


    My thoughts are that the flames that burn brightest, burn shortest. I feel a relationship could be very quickly burnt out if the throttle is fully opened and its given enough gas to explode. If the goal is a bright firework of an experience that flares and then ends soon after, then there is no problem with that. Those experiences are great. However for longevity, if that is one's goal, I feel a more slow approach is less risky.  

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      new order to your life

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    Posted 12 June 2018 - 07:31 PM

    agree with you all the way with missed opportunities by rush/not rush at the wrong time

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