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***** within the rules , regulations, and guidelines of the forum ***** A place to free write in whatever way, genre, or form you like. Pictures are totally welcome :) Prompts are cool too!
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    Sweet Calamity

  3. Think of all the things your thoughts can do. It may seem like a silly, simple invitation, but it's easy to forget how awesome our brains and streams of consciousness are. Afterall, our thoughts can control our mood, our chemistry, solve problems and even pave the way to new ideas! The very act of thinking and pondering and reflecting and... well, you get the picture, is nothing less than fantastic. It's easy to take for granted, or even to forget the process itself while we're doing it. (Obviously, we don't usually think about thinking while we're thinking) But! (Big but) It's good to stop and appreciate that you can do it. Well, not just that you can do it, but that no one else can do it like you. Sounds cheesy, but it's the truth! Out of everyone who has ever lived, no two people have had the exact same experiences. We all develop and grow in similar ways, sure, but there is a uniqueness about everyone's experiences, and that carries over into our thought processes. Because of this, your perspective is always useful, even if it doesn't seem to be. Sometimes, thoughts from someone who knows nothing about a subject are extremely useful, even to an "expert:" this is the very definition of thinking outside of the box! Don't underestimate the power of your thoughts! Both how they can affect you and how they can potentially affect everything around you. Strength begins in the mind, and everyone has the potential to be whatever kind of powerhouse they fancy with the application of (you guessed it!) their thoughts. Enjoy your thoughts. They matter. They are important and relevant, even if they don't seem to be. No one's thoughts are more important than yours: productivity and progress does not equal value! Not all thoughts have to be highly intellectual or profound. The thought that reflects upon a beautiful sunset is no less valid than the one that wins an award. When you learn to enjoy your thoughts, embrace them and realize that they cannot be compared to anyone else's, you just might find that your thoughts are quite a bit more amazing than you might have initially thought!
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    Sweet Calamity

    The things I'd do, the things I'd be To taste your sweet calamity To dip my tongue into your sin To unleash the creature locked within But oh your fickle propriety A scion of alleged morality The veil is waning paper thin Your heart desires to begin Fear not the depths of depravity To deny them denies your humanity It's waiting, just beneath your skin A truer self that craves to win When your tired eyes turn to me A conduit is what you see The carriage stands open to welcome you in To take the inner creature for a spin
  5. @cd108 Much appreciated🩵 thank you for reading!
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  8. Absolutely perfect. Thank you for posting this.
  9. Beauty in leaves There’s something about the leaves changing from season to season. Yellow, gold, orange, brown, and green. Bright and vivid, and individually designed. The leaves were crafted with the same intention that coats our soul. The concept that no two will ever be the same bleeds into our history and surrounds us. How beautiful is that? Change is never easy and the leaves cannot fight its fate. Humans are very similar in that way! Different, always changing. We all go through life not noticing how the choices we make are effecting our entire perspective of reality. It can be something as little as not saying hi to your neighbor in the morning. One decision can be the turning point in your life. Life just changes us little by little and we become the version of ourselves we are today like it or not. I used to be fearful of change. Why can’t things just stay the same? Constant! No worries about anything new, or things you never expected. I grew up and realized I like new. I love change. What I wish I could change more than anything in the world… is the space we create for distance. Distance from growing and loving each other. We were all created out of love! It is in our design that we allow that love to spread to others like a cancer. In my eyes the infinite love we could give one another should be food for the soul. It should be the battery that we run off. The cup that never empties. My soul aches. I can’t express in words how painful it is to feel to feel the lack of love that surrounds me. It’s everywhere! It’s in the eyes of a loved one, and right at the tip of the tongue. I try to be hopeful that if I can love others and fill their cup, they will in return fill mine. Love has always felt like a weakness to me. As if I’m being mocked for showing it! I know love is not always rainbows and comfort. Some days it’s dark and painful. To me love is ripping your heart out and trusting it with another. Love can be butterflies and stomach aches. I do go back and forth. Some days I want it more than anything. Some days I want to run far away from the magical spell that seems to trap me in a loop. A constant loop of quick highs and drawn out lows. Recently, I realized the most important thing you could ever do in your life is love another person. It hits me when I cry.. it hits me when pain takes over every ounce of my core. I’ve been lost and wandering for a while in search of this beautiful love that I have yet to secure. Through this search for love, I’ve been able to see the truth. This mission that I’ve been chasing.. this expedition for love is endless. It’ll never stop. It’ll only grow! It’ll only expand. If one day I am no longer here, and I don’t get the chance to ever do anything special with my life. Maybe those who have felt my love.. will know that it was different. That I was the unique crumpled up leaf that fell off a beautiful tree and onto the soil below. That people stepped on and didn’t even nice was there. Even though i will eventually blow away in the wind and no longer exist in the physical. I hope that I can love someone so deep it leaves a permanent scar. That my flaws.. and imperfections are missed. That throughout all the change, deep down the love I gave lasts through it all.
  10. In the course of my caregiving over the years, I've noticed that all of my littles have had one thing in common: struggling to ask for things. This, of course, is extremely understandable, but with this struggle there often comes a sort of embarrassment or a feeling of foolishness. Sometimes they don't even know what to ask for, other times they are too shy or even scared. If it can put anyone's mind at ease or help offer perspective, I'd like to share my thoughts on the matter. To the little first: if you've ever struggled with asking for anything, there can be many explanations. It's normal and to be expected, especially if you've had a history of being dismissed, disappointed or made to feel like you had to work to be "good enough" at any point in your life. Particularly, those who have been gaslit and belittled/patronized can easily get it in their head that they shouldn't ask for anything. Either because they think they won't get it or perhaps even that they don't deserve it. These ideas, while untrue, can be deep rooted and can take a lot of work to recover from. Whether you are embarking on your journey of self discovery or are many years into it, it's important to remember that you're not alone. This is a common struggle that can be worked through and triumphed over. As with anything worth gaining, it simply takes a bit of effort to sort out. Trusting others is difficult as it is; in the capacity of a little/CG or sub/dom relationship, it can be ever more difficult. If you find someone to build trust with, it is important to begin to ask for things. It may feel selfish or strange, but you will actually be doing a great favor to your CG. There are few things as fulfilling as being able to give a little what they want, and many caregivers are left scratching their heads trying to guess when there's no communication. It's hard at first, but it gets easier. Starting out with small things is a great way to practice. Any CG who becomes upset by the question alone is likely unfit to be a CG in the first place. Remember, wanting things is not selfish: we all need things to survive, but real living happens when we can be fulfilled and help fulfill the needs and desires of others! These are the fundamentals of any successful relationship, not as a "quid pro quo" but as a symbiotic pairing. To the CG: patience, friend. It can be frustrating to deal with a little/middle that doesn't ask (or doesn't know how to ask) for things. Be gentle and try to offer ideas, but don't fall into the trap of constantly being the "giver" of ideas. It's healthy for littles to think for themselves and to stretch their minds. Trauma can be so hard to work through and few things help more than patience and adaptability from a trusted source. It can also be helpful to ask for things from them. Again, it may feel selfish, but most littles/middles are happy to do things for their CGs. Often we must be the example. The relationship becomes much more natural that way and soon asking for things for both parties becomes second nature!
  11. When you sit there with your thoughts so dark and deep, reaching out help help help, I’m waving the flag. My ship is sinking and it’s not that I can’t get off, but I don’t want to. It’s scary out there. I know the boat is going down, I can see it. I’m not blind, and if I was, the water slowly creeping up my calves would be a pretty good give away that something’s not right here. But, I know this boat. I don’t know the ocean. I know I can’t stay here, but it’s more familiar than the vast openness of the open ocean. Do I jump in? Or do I make a truly cowardly decision to go down with the ship because I was scared to start swimming? I dunno, man. But that’s the predicament I find myself in at 3:59 am on a Wednesday in May. Why was humanity thrust into this giant existential crisis we call life against our choice? What is a soul, why are we the way we are? We have brains, but so do mice. Biological function drives behavior in the barest sense of the word, maszlos hierarchy of needs and all that. But truly…why does the mouse seek out only the cheese? Survival. Why do humans do what they do? Good fucking question. I keep hearing the whole Steve Irwin crocodile quite, that crocodiles are easy. It’s humans that are hard. Crocodiles will only try to kill you, humans will sometimes pretend to be your friend first. And it’s a terrible cheesy cliche, but dang if it ain’t true. Im not sure, really, where I’m going with any of this. Other than I need to get it out. I need to start the healing again. And that’s more exhausting than anything else, so perhaps this will one day be a memoir. A survival guide. Or maybe just some good old fashioned on the John reading. 🤷🏻‍♀️ have at it, I’ll update whenever I have more to get out.
  12. Rage It is hard to breathe, it is hard to think, above the rage, that’s boiling deep. Just let it go, that’s what they say, but how can I when I feel this way? Its pain and anger, hurt and grief, that burns this heart and I crave relief. Why is it those whose hearts are weak, find the ones who will never speak To the trash inside that you keep. Its sharp and rough, cracked and jagged, filled with fissures, ugly, ragged. I don’t want this rage, this nasty feeling, please just take it, I want the healing. I cried and begged, filled with sorrow, screaming please I won’t make it to tomorrow. But this is how it should be, if not cut ties, those are what my head is filled with, all these evil lies. So what do you do with the flames inside? Quench them, drown them, hope they subside? Or are you like the earthen clay…? Will you use the rage and be better today?
  13. don't you get it? you're a piece of shit, you can screw me over a million times and somehow I still manage to fall in love with you all over again every fucking time. you've taken over my mind, you're in each and every though. I hate it. I hate you, but you're my sun and my moon and my stars and my world. still, I've been through hell and back and nobody manages to hear my own as much as you. i'm important to you, I know. you care about me, I know. i'm your best friend, I know. but I want to be more than that. I want you to not only love me, but be IN love with me. you've been with me in my darkest hours and you've held me and told me everything was going to be okay. I've done the same for you. what are we missing? am I just not pretty enough? fuck you. fuck you for not returning my feelings. there's nothing I can do about it but try (and fail) to hate you but still, fuck you. I mean it I want you to be happy because I love you but I would be happiest if you were happy with me. it's an odd balance but I don't understand why it's not possible. I feel like I'm trying but why aren't you? do you not see me? do I need to be clearer? more obvious? I don't want to lose you but I can't eat ad I cant sleep and I can't relax or find an ounce of peace within myself. I am fighting a constant internal battle, and it absolutely and completely rages. whenever I see you. my head tells my heart that it's foolish and it knows the truth, which is that you just don't love me like I love you and that will never change. my heart says to hold on - our luck may change, and then it would be worth it. love is blind I am always hurting. if you ever look at me and think that I'm okay, think again, because the thin ice of my happiness can be broken by the lightest of treads and when i'm alone, it melts and freezes on its own. there are times were friends can distract me from the pain but it always comes around again, especially in times of aloneness. I never used to feel alone. in fact, I loved solitude. I was independent, but times change... I feel sick all the time. I can barely get down food, I don't drink enough water. sleep comes and goes and it is filled with dreams and fantasies that will never be fulfilled. I've thought about running away, but the pain would just follow and amplify, I know. I even thought about killing myself once, just for a second, but it wouldn't help to rot in hell. the truth is that I am in love with you. sometimes you are in love with me also, and sometimes you choose other girls over me. i'm telling you right now that it hurts me when you do that, but i'm also saying that I want you to be happy, and if happy is her then i'm happy for you. even if I don't understand. i'm also saying that I am being torn down and it's your fault and you could make it better but you don't. i'm so sorry that you're in this situation. i'm sorry. I don't want to be like this, but I can't live like this either. so what I need you to do is tell me if you're going to give me a real change or push me to the side again. just know that if it isn't me, i'm leaving. forever and totally. but it's not because of you it's because of me.
  14. don't smile, don't laugh. don't look at me. in fact, don't glance in my direction at all. don't walk, don't run, don't sit next to me on the couch. don't turn around and see if I'm behind you. don't talk to me, don't text me, don't call me on the phone. ever. don't run your hands through your hair. don't furrow your eyebrows when you're confused. don't wink at me. don't fall asleep next to me. don't stare at me and grin when I stick my tongue out in concentration. in fact, don't pay attention to me when I'm talking or laughing or anything. do not touch me. for any reason whatsoever. don't ask me who i'm texting. don't ask me how i'm doing. especially don't care when I answer. don't tell me you're always here for me, and especially don't tell me how much I mean to you. don't hug me. don't hold me when I cry and, oh please, don't tell me it's going to be okay. don't tell me i'm your best friend. and most of all, don't tell me that you love me, because I'm in love with you and that's way, way different.
  15. the blade in my hand the cuts on my arm i don’t know if i’ll ever overcome this feeling of guilt this feeling of the way it feels so powerful one small mark is all it takes all it takes for the emotion to go crumbling. then it's all physical the mark the blood the scar and now… it all seems okay
  16. i was scared when you asked where that scar was from. how do i tell you about the endless nights the many cuts i drew on myself to feel something, anything i whispered the words told you what i had done and bowed my head in defeat to my surprised you kissed my wrist and promised me from now on kisses would be the only new marks placed on my wrists.
  17. life is so alarming i think i should give up trying friends don’t care life is unfair why even try? it’s not worth it to stay on earth where you know that you’re not loved as time goes by i realize that after all that mourning people don’t care if i'm not there and if i don't wake up that morning you’re worthless, and a piece of shit no one cares about you bitch if i die, do not awake for life has come my life to take as all the voices swarm my blade in my hand but i do disarm my weapon thrown across the room life's unfair with lots to gloom there today and gone tomorrow but no one notices that i'm so shallow break my heart and break my soul death in life, that is my goal i wish i could, i wish i might lose this battle and lose the fight i may cut, and i may harm yet these marks will always scar these scars are my life these scars are my soul these scars let me live and show what life can hold worthless beings and overwhelmed souls all plead for life to go stone cold with death in sight i could, i might not ever wake up tonight i wish i could, i wish that i might end this life
  18. if i die tonight will you cry yourself to sleep? or stay up all night wishing you could save me? if i die tonight will you remember the things I did? or push the memories away and forget? if i die tonight will you think about me 24/7? or pretend I never existed? if i die tonight will you even care? or just pretend to?.. if you die tonight i will be broken and want to come with you i will never forget and never ever be the same if you die tonight i will never be happy i won't survive without you you are the air i breathe the sun after a hurricane the beauty in each day please don’t go… and neither will i.
  19. In the stillness of the night, a whisper softly sighs, A soul in search of solace, beneath unyielding skies. Within the depths of being, a storm begins to brew, As shadows dancing with secrets, known only to a few. A heart that beats in rhythm, yet feels out of tune, Caught in the echoes of a world too soon. Where labels bind like shackles, and norms dictate the day, A spirit longs for freedom, to find its own true way. In the mirror's reflection, a stranger stares back, A canvas of contradictions, a puzzle to unpack. For who they are within, defies society's decree, A masterpiece of defiance, longing to be free. The journey is a tumultuous sea, with waves that crash and roar, But courage guides their vessel, to distant, unseen shores. They navigate the currents, embracing every swell, For the depths of struggle, their truth begins to dwell. With each step forward, they shed the cloak of fear, Embracing their authenticity, drawing ever near. No longer bound by binaries, they rise above the fray, A beacon of resilience, illuminating the way. So let th world bear witness, to the beauty they possess, For gender knows no boundaries, in its boundless vastness.
  20. Hot Lava The ground neath my feet is sharp and warm, air alive, electric, a current, a coming storm. Clouds of dust choke my lungs, my knees, hit the ground in a crack of sweet release. Flailing, blind, breathless and empty, will there ever be a place for me there, gently? At long last, a flash and then nada, As I wash down the mountain with the rest of the hot lava.
  21. I intend this to be my main Poetry Dump. I’ll separate them by date and then title bold and underlined. 💜😸 2024.04.26 In the Darkness Deep within, upon a sharp-edged throne of thorns, sat a stone-skinned girl, whose loss no one would mourn. For many years now, this weary sugar soul, Would scrape and toil, beg, bargain and cry, Until the day, come far too soon, those crystal tears had run dry. For what sense makes it, to leave your skin so open to goodbye, When all it takes, is a few tears shed, & the crystals have solidified. If you are solidified, and your skin is hard as stone, Life still has its troubles, but it can never reach the bone. 2024.04.28 Steel Kisses Sharp, cold steel, ground thin as paper, Just a quick, swift peck, opens every layer. Crimson warmth, rubies shimmer, drip and glisten, Their sticky tracks, a steady flowing river, the stony ground to christen. As the frenzied thumps become gentle, even sometimes misses, I rest my head and am thankful for the blissful bite of steel kisses.
  22. Someday I hope you’ll see all the things I wasn’t; I wasn’t long-stemmed red beauties; Long lovely limbs dethorned, So as not to blemish your skin as you caress the stem I was wild Alberta roses, the bright pink blush of spring, Thorny and growing at will, never tamed or curbed By some man’s hand, taught to grow a certain way. I wasn’t fine bone English china, kept in the cabinet Only to be looked at, Grandma’s finest all the way from the old country The best story ever, but only that, a pretty tale Maybe used in the dining room once a year. I was THOSE dishes, bought at WalMart, the kind everyone likes Pulled down everyday, a story at every meal The kind that sits on the family table day in, day out, Filled with soul food, comfort food, love food. I wasn’t fine wine, 120 years old, fifteen hundred dollars a bottle Pull the cork out, breathe deep, exhale Good sommelier, swirl the glass, check the legs Tempt your palate, hint of oak, not too sweet, ahh but of course, it’s French. No, I was 80 year old Scotch, the good kind Burns all the way down, with every breath, every inhale Taste the peat, the bogs of my ancestors, fire in your belly That doesn’t go out in 2 minutes like this new whiskey they sell I burn like that, flames that keep you warm, down to the depths of your soul I wasn’t some fancy dame, some girl to write home about The girl every mother in law wants, calm voice, pretty manners Sedate meadows, cool breezes, gentle things, demure Ladylike perhaps, but maybe more than I could be? I was thunderstorms, and fiery tempests, thrill rides Spur of the moment and never know what happens next I was alive, brave, creative, wanting so much more And I was all the things I wasn’t. © 2018 All Rights Reserved
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    A trip at the zoo

    This is so cute and silly!
  24. A trip at the zoo The zookeeper opened his lunchbox, sardines and jellied eels, The meerkats who were on lookout alerted this to the seals, Who distracted the guards by flopping, frantically in their pools, While the monkey picked the cages locks using rudimentary tools. A snake tied up the zookeeper, two worms cuffed his wrists, The bear would have slapped him round the chops if he wasn't a pacifist. The mighty lion burst out of his cage with an almighty ROAR! The chameleon turned into a shoe and walked straight out the door. The giant snail packed his shell and set off back to France, The ants marched up the teacher's leg and made him scratch his pants. The tigers tangoed with the mums, the flamingoes twist and twirl. The horses played cowboys with the boys while the octopus tickled the girls. The big cats escaped over the wall using the elephant as a slide, Who jumped about when he saw a mouse, the hyenas didn't see the funny side. The hippo tip-toed past the guards and followed the elephant to the door, But not before getting a burger and chips from the nearby fast food stall. The animals lined up in their classes, from mammal to crustacean, The gibbon put his glasses on and the register was taken. The beavers eagerly stood up front, the baboons brought up the rear, And the plonkletwinker, who's a mythical creature said, "I really shouldn't be here." The giraffe could see the bus stop on the other side of the street, The cars and bikes and trucks and such made crossing quite the feat. A frog tried his luck, followed by a duck but both got badly squashed, So the zebra laid down on the road for the other animals to cross. They all piled on the number 9 bus, the walls bulged with the strain. The hippo sat next to a little old lady who was crushed against the window pane. The bus driver smiled and said, "where to?" "The chapel on Apple Pip Lane." The monkey married the octopus, and all the animals came
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    Hey! Ellie here (online name). I am an American living in Europe. I love to be creative and write. However mainly in my fantasy novel (not sure if I'm in the write club) lately I've been second guessing my work and have been trying to find a place to send little clips. I have been working on this novel for over 6 years and I just kinda idk. I guess its silly that I wanna know if people will like it before I finish it. Im not sure whatelse to put in this intro so any questions feel free to comment. Byyyeeee!
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    Caregiver's First Step

    I really like the wording you used. Simple but effective

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