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The spoon theory is an analogy which equates the amount of ability that someone with chronic illness has to complete daily tasks to a limited number of spoons. People with chronic illnesses who must ration their energy throughout the day are sometimes referred to as "spoonies". ( Learn more: butyoudontlooksick.com) This is a club where spoonies with both physical and mental illnesses can talk about the challenges that we face living with a disability or chronic illness. **Ask about FB group**
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  2. Redneck-Kitty

    Paying for vacation

    Daddy and I got back last night from a week in GA with my family. I really had a good time, but now I'm so emotionally drained and in so much physical pain that it's unreal. I hate that my body makes me pay for having a good time. 😩
  3. Andriel_Isilien


    I know I'm amazing at times but other times I'm such an emotional wreck 🀑 Keeping it real
  4. Redneck-Kitty

    How do you "Hold Out"? I'm struggling to

    Im so sorry you are dealing with this. Being defeated and/or ignored is really hard. Just remember, you are your best advocate. You know your body/illness better than anyone, and if you arent satisfied with the drs responses, you have the right to get a second (of fourth) opinion or even ask for a new dr. They work for you.
  5. Guest

    one letter game

    Hops πŸ‡πŸ–€
  6. Andriel_Isilien

    Self Care/challenges

    I began the Winter one this month
  7. Andriel_Isilien

    one letter game

  8. Sloth Fairy

    one letter game

    Can I go to start it up again? Tape
  9. I've been diagnosed with chronic disorders, but I also haven't. Long story short, I've been having problems that have been common-stay for major chunk of life. They were brushed off and I've just tried to manage. But it's catching up to me and I'm losing my mind. Going through the process of specialist after specialist to figure out what's causing it is one thing. Experiencing the illness as it's ramped up over time to the point where it heavily impacts & worsens the diagnosed ones has been nothing short of terrifying. There's some sort of power in knowing the what, even if it cant be treated. Because at least I'll know Im ok. But I don't know how to keep my head up during this. How do you overcome feeling defeated? How do you still relax or have fun during this stage of the process?
  10. Andriel_Isilien

    one letter game

  11. Redneck-Kitty


    As spoonies I know sometimes it can be hard to be thankful but today I'm thankful to be alive and I'm thankful for my friends
  12. Guest

    one letter game

    Pink πŸ’•
  13. Andriel_Isilien

    one letter game

  14. Redneck-Kitty

    one letter game

  15. Guest

    one letter game

    Cars πŸš—
  16. Guest

    predictive game three

    I am a little confused. That’s why I was wondering what you meant. πŸ€”πŸ˜‹
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