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    How to train your dragon

    Hiya! 😁 oooh I love your choice 😎 honestly I feeI like I always cry for all of those movies but part 1 will always be my fave as that was where the dragons and people of Burke worked together and made peace ☺️ hmm, besides disney movies, my two favourites will have to be either Kung Fu Panda or Shrek, I love, love part 1 of Kung Fu Panda and part 2 of Shrek πŸ˜†
  3. So, this is just my opinion but How to Train your Dragon is one of the best animated movies. I've always loved Dragons and Fantasy things of the sorts and this movie is at the top of my list for the category. The 2nd movie in the trilogy is definitely my favorite and always makes me cry. Does anyone else have a favorite animated movie?

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