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Hello!! You have something fun to show off? An A++ on an assignment, a new stuffie? or something just made you smile? Well this is where you can show it off and tell us all about it!! Kind of like what we all used to do in school or with friends when we got something we really really are proud of or excited for!! Share your world with us!!
  1. What's new in this club
  2. Walked over to the neighbors fence to say hi to the cows.
  3. First of all : wooow - y'all are SO talented like ... wow just wow Luv the pics - - - - - - - - - - So i sorted my pens - which are still good, which are broken - and so on and to test them i had to draw with 'em so i colored this mandala - to see which pens are still good
  4. Today i visited my old work-place and bought me some cute things. I have those earrings also as hearts. the putty/slime is sooooo cool and i am a big fan of those straw-cups ; haha
  5. Today one of my co workers gave me some starters off of her office plants :3 It was really sweet of her and I cherish them very much - she gave me two white flesh dragon fruit starts as well as two baby cactus starts. When I brought them home Dad planted them while I was taking a shower.
  6. He will grunt and slap your hands with his front paws LOL This bun bun has no manners!! 🤣
  7. OMG I just wanna squish his face up so bad
  9. When that medicine hits just right lol
  10. I went to the pharmacy today and when I turned around I saw this
  11. Yum! Meee too! Or Ding Dongs...Suzy Q's! Now I want some. Lol
  12. I have not. But I am saving my sugary treat eating for Christmas day. And to risk starting a fight I think twinkies are a lil overrated. I preferred zingers as a kid. They have frosting
  13. Those do not look good! Have you tasted them?
  14. Ran across these in the dollar store last night. I resisted the urge and left them there.
  15. Here is my goober, otherwise known as Sylvester. He snuck into my room and fell into my hamper so I took photos as punishment before I helped him out.
  16. Getting up really early every day can get hard over time , but the morning is one of my favorite parts of the day. I normally get up between 4-530 am depending on when Dad has to leave for work , I get coffee for the house going and pack Dads lunch and make the men their breakfast for the day. I typically pull a stool for Lector out because he bugs me and tries to climb my leg otherwise -___- Taking care of the men makes me happy and starts my day off right.
  17. One thing I’m really not good at is resting 😓 but the men had me sit down yesterday to rest my knee and we all played Pokémon together for about an hour and a half / two hours. Of course I am way ahead of them 😎
  18. E is for …. Electricity ! Dad took Big Brother and me to the zoo recently and we saw these cool jellies that looked like Christmas lights 🎄
  19. That one is great, too! I love his outfit!

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